A Morning: There was No One at the Bus Stop

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Page 3, Paragraph 6

‘Little Robi yawned as he urinated in the toilet. Champa (maid) was about to squeeze the toothpaste out on to his tiny toothbrush when he said angrily, No paste!
What’ll you brush your teeth with, then?
Your black toothpowder.
That’s spicy. The paste is sweet.
No, the paste is horrible. The foam makes me puke.
Your father will be very angry if he gets to know you used my toothpowder.
How will he know? Brush my teeth quietly now. With your fingers. The toothbrush is horrible.
An affectionate smile appeared on Champa’s aged face. Fetching her cheap black toothpowder from the kitchen, she cleaned Robi’s teeth with it.

What about the story? Robi frowned.
Oh yes. Then the… where were we, sweetheart?
You can never remember. Shibucharan had gone fishing alone in his boat at night. In his net he found a cobra along with the fish.’


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