A Necessary Breeze: Signed Mata Hari

Posted: December 28, 2012 in Confession

‘A broken soldier dragged himself to my side as I was lying on my back, watching the clouds. He pointed to the cloud with the arms held out for an embrace and said up there was his girlfriend, his wife-to-be and I said, Don’t be ridiculous, that’s my mother and  father up there throwing me down kisses!’


I’d never thought that a woman who took a whole dose of Russian vodka, would speak the actual truth hidden in her heart. I hated her, when I read her confessing her sexual connections with men. I hated her when she confessed that she let her servant come inside her, when her two angelic kids were sleeping behind the curtains. I hated her when she slept around for money. I hated her when she took naked dance avatar of Mata Hari.

What still made me cry?

Because she was caught for espionage &  will be still executed and that I am a human!


I cried because she craved for her daughter &  let the beastly men hit inside her to see her daughter. I cried because she said that she wants to hold her dead son, and that she won’t mind even holding his dead body one more time, so that she can feel him again. I cried because she didn’t know that her daughter was standing beyond the curtain & watching her mother sleeping with a servant and not with her father. I cried because she watched her husband with Javanese whore each night & still let it go for her kids waiting back at home. I cried because she wrote a letter to her daughter about a cloud beyond death. Before she was shot by a firing squad, she wanted her daughter to know of her love & asked her for her forgiveness, and so she wrote her a letter telling her daughter to watch for her, for one day she would return & they would be together again!

 About Signed Mata Hari

With Signed, Mata HariYannick Murphy has slated a touchy novel on the life of Mata Hari, in which much of the story is told by Mata Hari to those who visited her in prison, where she’s in ailing for love & death and about to be executed on charged of espionage in 1917. She tells the story of her life in hopes of convincing them of her innocence.


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