Many Faces

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Extracted from the Chapter ‘Many Faces’ of Khushwant Singh’s Malicious Gossip

Page 81

“I do not have many friends because I do not set much store by Friendship. I have found that friends, however nice and friendly they may be, demand more time than I am willing to spare. I get easily bored with people and would rather read a book or listen to music than converse with anyone for too long. I’ve had a few very close friends in my time. I am ashamed to admit that when some of them dropped me, instead of being upset, I felt relieved. And when some died, I cherished their memory more than I did their company, when they were alive.

“Hate is my stronger passion – fortunately, there are not many people I hate. I could count them on the tips of fingers of one hand – no more than four or five. And if I tell you why I hate them, you may agree that they deserve contempt and hatred. I hate Name-Droppers. I hate Self-Praisers. I hate Arrogant-Men. I hate Liars. Is there anything wrong in hating them? People ask me, why can’t you ignore their existence? Now, that’s something I cannot do. I cannot resist making fun of name droppers, calling liars liars on their faces. And I love abusing the arrogant. I have been in trouble many times because of inability to resist mocking these types. And since most name-droppers, self-praisers, and arrogant men go from success to success, become Ministers, Governors and win awards they don’t deserve, my anger often explodes in print.”


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